I Know Nothing about Pensions!

Many people delay thinking about pensions because it all seems too difficult or complicated. Retirement can seem a long way off, and it’s easy to think that pensions can be put off until tomorrow. Fortunately, many more workers are now in a workplace pension scheme because of "auto-enrolment", but it still matters how much money is being saved, and not everyone is automatically enrolled

But while the detail of pensions can get complicated, the basics are not that hard. And the most basic and simple pensions fact is that the earlier you start planning the better.

Ensuring a decent pension is never going to be cheap, but the longer you leave it the more expensive it will become.

You may also be missing out on potential help with a pension and contributions from your employer or tax rebates if you aren't in a workplace pension scheme..

So it makes sense to give yourself a pensions check up.

You can find out a great deal about pensions from looking at the questions and answers on workSMART.

You will also find lots of links to other helpful websites.

Please bear in mind that pensions legislation changes fairly often, and although we try to keep this site up to date, we cannot guarantee that it will always show the most recent information. Also please note that you should not regard anything on this site as financial advice: the TUC is not authorised to provide financial advice. You should always consider taking advice from an authorised Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) before making decisions about your pension. The Money Advice Service is one source of information on where to find an adviser.